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Exotic Cruise
Exotic Cruise

Cruising has become popular since 1970/s mainly because North American cruise lines embarked on long, expensive, and all out marketing campaigns. They still actively advertise on TV, use the social media, and frequently run advertising in the printed media.
It was established in 1970’s that only one per cent of Americans had taken a cruise, and executives were convinced that the U.S.A was an untapped market for cruising companies.
They commissioned luxury boats to Italian and Finish boat builders with specific designs of restaurants, bars, swimming pools, state rooms, climbing walls, and spas.

Now there are some cruise boats that carry more than 4000 passengers. They are essentially floating towns.

Most of the boats sail from Florida, and some from Texas to Caribbean islands and during winter months.

Food is plentiful and of acceptable, but never outstanding. Alcoholic beverages cost much less than on land because cruise boats sail international waters and are entitled to buy alcoholic beverages tax free.

Huge boats sail for seven to 14 days and visit ports with adequate quays to accommodate these out-sized vessels.

Smaller, more quality oriented cruise companies operate boats that carry 300 – 400 passengers, They pay more attention to culinary details and offer fine wines, and offer more out-of-the-way itineraries sailing from Barcelona to Gibraltar, Tangier, Casablanca, Praia, Dakar, Banjul, Luanda, Walwis Bay, Luderitz, and Cape Town along
the West African coast.

You can also sect a cruise sailing out of Singapore, cross the equator, visit Surabaya, Probolinggo, Kanodo Island, and Benoa.
Seaborn, a specialized small cruise line, sails Arabian and Indian, Australian and New Zealand coasts, Baltic ports, and South American destinations.

If you are looking for inexpensive Exotic Cruise and occasionally very interesting cruises look for relocation cruises between sea.

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