An exquisite vodka tasting


Poels and Russians, both claim to have invenred vodka, and don’t like the saying “all vodkas taste the same”, although western Euroepans and North Americans think otherwise.

Yet Americans, maybe instinctively gravitate towards Stolichnaya and Smirnoff becausdre of their distinctive purity and mouth feel.

A fine vodka though, much like well-made red Burgundy of a successful vintage, is not just flavourful, balanced, and “carfessessthe tongue” but also naunced, subtle and posseses a long satisfying finish.

Much dependsa on how you enjoy vodka. Some prefer on the “rocks”, other “iced”, yet others at room temperature, and millions in a range of cocktails. Of all clear spirits, vodka is the most popular almost throughout the world.

Although vodka was introduced into the North American market in 1950’s by an American spirit marketing and distributing corporation, it has quickly become the preferred mixing spirit base, from Bloody Caesar, to Bloody May, to Bloody XXX, Vodka martini, Harvey Wallbanger, and Moscow Mule, to name just a few of the most popular ones.

One reason for vodka’s popularity is the its mixable characteristic, to absorb other flavours by infusion, its purity, and odourless attribute.

Although Russians are the most devoted vodka consumers, Poles claim to have invented it.

Vodka can eb derivced from all kinds of starchy grains, insluing spelt, rye, wheat, evben rice. Russians like to use potatoes as the country grows millions of tons of this starchy tuber.

Recentl;y, wirters were teated to a premium vodka tasing.

Tyhefollowign brands wtood out:

Gray Goose, France (wheat) 88/100
Zirkova Premium, Ukrain (rye and wheat) 87/100
Ultioamte Vdka, Russia, 85/100
$ 79.95

Double Cross, Slovakia 80/100 $ 59.50
Elite Vodka, Stolichnaya, Russia 86/100
$ 69.95

Menahe a Trois, California 89/100
$ 31.90

Russian Standard Platinum Vodka (Russia) 80/100
$ 32.95

Elyx Vodka, Absolut (Sweden) 86/100
$ 44.95

Kissui Vdka, (rice), japan 78/100
$ 39.90

Russian Luxury Vodka, Beluga (Russia) 84/100
$ 52.00

Purity Vodka, Sweden 82/`00
$ 52.95

Konik’s Tail Vodka (spelt), Poland 88/100
$ 49.95



  1. i love vodka. It tastes too much delicious.

  2. Ulaala!:)
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