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Exultet Estates – Prince Edward County

Exultet Estates
Exultet Estates

Exultet Estates

Only 20 years ago few wine enthusiasts knew or heard of Prince Edward County in the Bay of Quinte on the northern shores of Lake Ontario.

Then a few courageous wine makers set up shop in this picturesque rural region, and now there are more than 30 wineries.

The County, as locals call it, benefits from the “lake effect”, and the soil contains a lot of limestone.

Now, several wineries win national and international awards.

Exultet is one of them. This four-hectare relatively small winery (1000 cases) planted its first block of vines in 2004, and now produces outstanding chardonnays, pinot noirs, and few icewines.

The winery is housed in the old Royal Street Cheese Factory, and is operated by the Spinosa family, who decided on a life-style change to settle in a rural area. Their wines are available at the winery, or by e-mail order.

All vines are lovingly, and carefully tended, yields kept very low (one to one-and- a half tons per hectare) grapes are hand harvested, and wines judiciously made.

Recently, Exultet owners poured their wines to an eager crowd of wine enthusiast.

The Blessed, 2010
Straw colour, exuding apple/pear aromas. Intense, well-balanced, layered flavours and fine after taste.
(unfortunately sold out)

Pinto Gris, 2013
Alsatian-style. Refreshing, creamy, smooth mouth feel. Long after taste.
$ 30.00

Mysterium, 2013
A blanc de noirs of pinot noir is floral/fruity, with a fine mouth feel.
$ 35.00

Cru X Chardonnay 2013
Full bodied, creamy, heart-warming and delicious
$ 38.00

Cur X Pinot Noir, 2011
Aromas of berries dominate the nose. On the palate, spicy notes are noticeable. It has good depth and length.
$ 39.00

Pinot Noir, 2012
Full-bodied, flavourful, fruity with a fine acid backbone. Cellar for three to four years for more elegance
$ 40.00

Vidal Icewine, 2013
It is a fine, dried fruit smelling, sweet, balanced wine that can be enjoyed on its own, or with fruitcakes or biscotti.
200ml. $ 30.00

Free shipping for orders of one case
Telephone 613 476 1052

Prince Edward County

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