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Eyes Wide Open

Isaac Lidsky studied mathematics and computer science and law, graduating with magna cum laude. Both degrees are from two Ivy League universities.

He was born with retinitis pigmentose, a rare degenerative eye disease that causes gradual loss of sight.

In this extremely well researched and insightful book, the author tells his story in eight chapters, starting how the gradual loss of sight changed him, thus forcing him to adapt to changing circumstances. The writing is powerful, flows well, insightful, and inspiring for disabled people, but also for people who may experience difficulties in life due to physical or mental problems.

It dispels the myth that disabled individuals’ cannot live productive lives.

The author stresses that anyone can overcome a disability with effort, strong will, and help of modern technology.
Life is full of uncertainties and surprises. When problems arise,   determination to solve them, rather than accepting them as faith is always better.

He stresses that when one sense is blocked, one must develop another to compensate for the loss and with some effort, this is possible in most cases.

Isaac Lidsky stresses that the worst kind of fear is the fear of the unknown, but it can be confronted, and anyone who is determined can achieve at least partial success.

His assertion that success is never final, nor is failure fatal, but it is the courage that counts to continue in all cases,.

Hard work leads to success, and that the harder one works the luckier one gets is as true today as when it was coined.

This an inspiring, and fascinating book, that shows what perseverance, hope, and adaptability supported by will to succeed can do.

Highly recommended.

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  1. I am sure this book will be a motivational read. I would like to explore it.