Little known facts about breweries of the world


There are a little more than 9100 breweries in the world.

They supply to over seven billion inhabitants of the world, its most popular alcoholic beverage.

Some breweries are small, some very small (microbreweries), others gargantuan occupying city blocks.

The most important ingredient of beer is water and any famous brewery happens to be located where the supply of water is plentiful and most appropriate for brewing.

The northernmost brewery, Mack Brygeri is located in Tromsø, Norway. Ludwig Markus Mack, son of a German immigrant, in this small town, founded it in 1877. It brews three lagers and three ales, of which three come in cans, the rest in bottles.

Adolph Coors founded the largest brewery located in Golden, Colorado in 1873. Since then the original facility was expanded to become the largest in the world.

The world’s oldest, still operating brewery, is located in Weihenstephen. Bavaria, now owned by the State of Bavaria, was founded by monks in the 8th century and specializes in pale lagers, using its homegrown hops.

The most unusual Brewery in Newport, Oregon is Rogue Ales. It brews a beer named Beard Beer. The yeast for this brew was isolated by the laboratory technician of the brewery from the beard of a staff member. The yeast was cultured and is now used to ferment this brand, a product only eccentric Americans can dream of!

World’s westernmost brewery, owned by Primo Brewing and Malting Company was founded in 1914, is in Honolulu, Hawaii. During Prohibition, the brewery was closed, but started brewing again in 1947.

Guinness brewery, in Dublin, Ireland, is the country’s top tourist attraction. Located in downtown Dublin in an old building that has been expanded and renovated several times since 1759.

Tourists watch a video of the brewery, instead of a tour of the facilities, but after watching the video they are invited to an authentic pub within the brewery to sample two glasses of Guinness stouts.


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