Fårikål (Lamb in cabbage).



Fårikål (lamb in cabbage) is a traditional Norwegian dish, consisting of pieces of lamb’s meat with bone, cabbage and whole black pepper. In fact it has been voted the national dish for Norway. It has its own fan club and they have a special day in September which is the day of the fårikål (the last Thursday in September).

It is a very simple dish to make. You need three ingredients: Lamb, cabbage and pepper. Begin with a large casserole and lay it in layers. Start with the meat then cabbage and whole black pepper. Stop when the casserole is full. Add some water about 3 dl and maybe a little salt.

Then place the casserole on the stove and let it cook on low heat for about 2 hours; until the meat is finish cooked and you can see it when it slips easily from the bones. You must not stir in this process! The whole dish makes it selves.

Then it is time to serve it hot and steamy with some potatoes. It is a job to do before you can eat it to take away the whole black pepper, but that is a part of the tradition.

Wine tips for this dish is a little tricky but you can try this one: Misteri ( ICRF ) or this one: João Pato Touriga Nacional.


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