Fast trains connect large cities comfortably


Travelling by train in Europe and elsewhere in the world is much more popular than in North America.

Cities on the European continent are closer to each other, making train travel easy.

The geography of many Central European countries actually dictates train travel. In mountainous areas, cog-trains connect even inaccessible small towns that attract summer and winter tourists, as is the case in Switzerland, eastern France, and southeasters Germany.

Fast trains in North America never attracted an enthusiastic group of travellers large enough for governments or private companies to invest the required capital, and develop adequate technology for the severe winters.

Cities in North America are much further apart than they are elsewhere in the world, with the possible exception of Australia.

The French national railway system (SNCF) developed and established the TGV (Train de grand Vitesse) in 1981, with a record speed of 571 kms., but today most TGV train average 320 Kms, connecting Dijon to Paris, Paris to Strasbourg, Paris to Marseille, and Pars to Brussels.

All fast trains everywhere are comfortable with bucket seats smooth rides, electrical outlets at each seat, are air conditioned, and offer fine food and service.

Tickets must be purchased (preferably in advance), and come with a seat reservation.

There are two levels of comfort – economy and first class.

Spain has its AE that average 328 kms. per hour connecting Madrid with Valencia.

In Finland, an Italian built and fats train connects Helsinki to Turku, and another one bolt by Germany’s Siemens, consents Helsinki with St Petersburg with an average speed of 224 Kms. Plans are being drawn for an extension to Moscow.

Japan developed the Shinkansen connecting Tokyo to Kyoto at speeds exceeding 300 Kms.

Now the newest connection runs between Tokyo and Omari at average 300 kms.

China operates the 380 fast trains running from

Beijing to shanghai at an average of 300 Kms. and is planning to expand it to many other cities.

In USA, a fast train is planned for 2018 connecting los Angeles to san Francisco which will average 342 kms per hour.

The United Kingdom is planning a fast train network between Edinburgh and Glasgow to London, and Spanish national railways connecting Seville to tangier in morocco.

Portugal has one fast train connection between Lisbon and Porto

It is called the pandolino, and was built by Italian engineers. It is comfortable, and fast, and experience tourists should not miss.