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Feast showcases the diversity of Canada’s landscape and at the same time provides insights into the wild ingredients, products, climates, and cultures that coexist peacefully.

In this well researched, well laid out book that is embellished with beautiful photographs the authors capture the essence of Canada’s diverse and constantly changing culture, presenting an inspiring book.

The authors decided to travel coast to coast to coast  from the Pacific- to the Atlantic- and to the Arctic Oceans, stopping in all provinces and territories to explore, taste local foods, and gather recipes.

FEAST is not just a Canadian cookbook, but a story of friendship to inspire you to favour locally produced foods, and recipes invented by creative cooks, including several First Nations and Inuit specialties.

The book contains breakfast and brunch, vegetarian main courses, meat dishes, seafood recipe, then switches to salads, desserts, baking, preserves, pickles, and sauces.

There are short, informative pages on each province’s food culture and personal experiences with chefs, fishermen, cattlemen and more.

This is a book to study, try innovative recipes, and to get inspired to travel the width and breath of this vast, multicultural country to learn more about its culinary treasures.

You can use for your everyday cooking, but also to plan theme parties.

Highly recommended.


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