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Fish Sauce from the old Ancient Roman Society.

Fish SauceFish Sauce

There are a lot of theories about this recipe, so nothing is for sure. But rumors say many things and a lot about a smelly product. The sauce has had several names, it has been called: garum, liquamen and also muria and recipes vary much in what the future has been written down and preserved. Original recipe came probably from the ancient Greeks.

The main point is to preserve fish by salt. The way it was done is described in several ways, but the principle is to use the whole fish with guts and blood, add the salt and then lie out in the sun for a long time. The salt will draw water out of the fish and the fish will eventually be solved by means of fermentation is happening. The final product is then filtered and filled the bottle. The result is a salty fish sauce that was used to set the taste of the food. It was a term used in almost all foods.

The most authentic we get today is a fish sauce from Vietnam / Thailand called Nuc Nam or Nam Pla. I for my part will think twice before using any of the products for a while.

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Fish Sauce

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