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Five Classic Food and Wine Pairings.

Food and Wine PairingsFood and Wine Pairings

Matching the Right Food and Wine Makes For an Exquisite Dining Experience – Five Classic Food and Wine Pairings
by Steve Bolston

Wine and food can go hand in hand and can make your meal a true dining delight. That’s if you make the correct wine buying decision. The wrong wine choice for a particular dish can result in disaster and wreck your meal. If you’re by yourself, well then C’est la Vie, because there’s always another time to get it right. However, if you’re hosting a dinner, taking clients out to dinner or trying to make a big impression, then the wrong wine food combination can be the source considerable embarrassment.

There’s a lot to consider to making the right choices when if come to food pairings. Here are some traditional wine food pairings. If you follow the guidelines, you’ll have a golden opportunity of making the proper impression.

Cabernet Sauvignon Matched With Steak

Much like a steak, a Cabernet Sauvignon have a robust and very full bodied flavor. You want to always match flavors. A weaker type will not help bring out the flavor of a hearty steak.

Likewise Cabernets such as the California Cabernet or even the Bordeaux will often be too strong for lesser flavored meats and dishes. A marbled, grilled steak will cause a buffer from the power of the wine allowing the fruity flavor to stand out . If you pick this combination, you’ll never go wrong.

Bordeaux in Combination with Lamb

Lamb like steak has a very bold flavor. The taste is wilder than other red meats. But, if you are going to pair these two together, make sure the cuts are rib chops, loin chops and rack of lamb. Because a Bordeaux has more of a rustic herbal character, it goes well with more spicy and aromatic lamb preparations.

Provencal Red Wines Paired with Lamb

I just discussed the the more refined types of lamb preparations that go well with a Bordeaux. The other wilder types of lamb go better with a Bandol and Chateauneuf-du-Pape. These are more full bodied and spicier than the Bordeaux. They match up well with spicier grill chops that are full of the many spices, such as garlic, rosemary and cayenne. It’s all about matching similar flavors to accent each other during a meal.

Cheeses and Port Wines

One type of blue cheese is Stilton. It comes from New England and it carries a creamy texture that’s very pungent and salty. Port, a dessert wine, matches perfectly with the flavors of the cheese. It’s sweet, rich and counterbalances the salty, pungent flavor of the wine.
This combination is usually served toward the end of the meal as everyone is relaxing and enjoying themselves after a satisfying meal.

Dessert Wine Combined with Chocolate

There are many opinions and pairings when it comes to wine with chocolate. These pairings usually follow similar flavor combinations. The two being paired need to be similar in flavor. For example, a sweet red wine such as port needs to be paired up with a dark rich chocolate. If they don’t match up, then the wine will taste dull in comparison to the chocolate. For this reason, many wine enthusiasts will either enjoy the wine or the chocolate and forget about combining the two.

By following these classic food pairings, you can make the right wine and food choices for your next meal. Your new found knowledge will really impress your friends and family.


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Food and Wine Pairings

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