Fond of beer? Read on ….


Of late, the L C B O seems to have decided to bring in fine beers and encourage consumers to try them.

Ontario’s fledgling craft brewers certainly brew some very fine beers, as do Belgian establishments, particularly Trappist abbeys. They produce not only fine beers but also help the poor and needy, including other abbeys that lack resources.

Here are a few beers tasted recently that every beer aficionado should try.

Belgian IPA, Brasserie Dunham,
An intense, malty, finely textured, flavourful ale.
363432, 750 ml. $ 6.35

Brewers Saison, Niagara Oast House, Niagara Peninsula
A malty, smooth, flavourful beer to enjoy with or without food.
359877, 750ml. $ 11.20

Trappist Ale, Orval Monastery, Belgium
Belgian Trappist monks enjoy a fine quality brewing reputation.
This ale from the Orval monastery has a thick “crown”, fine balance, depth and elegance.
330ml $ 3.60

Rochefort Forte, Belgium
This Trappist Abbey beer reddish-brown in colour is smooth, with an excellent and thick “crown” and deep flavour. Long aftertaste.
330 ml, $ 3.65



  1. I love to drink bears as these also help in digestions and are also healthy for your body.

  2. tasting all brand bear is my dream… I love bear.
    In winter, i can’t live without bear

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