Useful food facts


You can lose weight by increasing the fibre content of your food. Try eating 25 grams of fibre daily. Raspberries, avocados, pears, spinach, whole grains and many vegetables contain high levels of fibre.

• Try to eat, more frequently, beans, nuts, whole grains, arugula and spinach for their increased magnesium to prevent strokes.

• Although this has nothing to do with food, it is important to stress that exercising regularly helps combat the aging process, which is associated with inactivity more than age.

• Drink 1 – 1 ½ litres of water daily to combat diabetes.

• Children generally don’t like spinach, and white beans but they should be coaxed to consume this iron-rich vegetable. Healthy children’s brains benefit from iron-rich food. Prepare your meals from scratch. This will take time, it is more healthy than buying ready-to-eat or frozen prepared meals, or take out. All contain too much salt and are at least three times more expensive to boot.

• Buy frozen fruits and vegetables of high quality as they are picked closer to maturity and processed close by immediately. Fresh fruits that are trucked from long distances, or shipped from regions half a world away are picked “green” and have an acid unpleasant taste unless they are “artificially ripened”.

• Research established, that the nutrient value of vegetables and fruits starts to diminish the moment they are picked.

• The best thing to do is to buy locally produced food to the extent possible, or grow it yourself.

• Pre-washed salads, ( a favourite of singles and women who have to feed large families) are expensive, preserved by ascorbic acid, and contain less nutrients. Buy whole salads, wash, then, dry, tear leaves into bite-sized pieces, and put them in a bag with a lot of oxygen. You can keep this for a few days in your refrigerator.

• Buy staples (cereals, pasta, black pepper corns, salt in bulk and store them in a dark and dry place.

• Do not buy ground black pepper, or cinnamon, coffee, or Parmegiano Regiano cheese.

• Any food that is ground loses flavour rapidly.

To prevent constipation, exercise, use olive oil, and increase your fibre intake. Walking for at least 20 minutes daily helps a great deal too.

A satchel of dried lavender, cammomile, ad rose blossoms under your pillow may induce a restful sleep.

Stimulating beverages can cause sleeplessness, as do irregualr times for going to bed.

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