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Food and Wine Festivals in Australia That You Can’t Miss

Food and Wine Festivals

Food and Wine Festivals in Australia That You Can’t Miss

Australia is often overlooked as a potential foodie destination since it is associated with English roots; however, what tourists fail to realize is that Australia has close contact with Southeast Asia and Oceania, which provides for some very unique cuisine. Additionally, Australia is quickly rising on the wine scene as having some very good wines that are catching global attention in both reds and whites. When visiting Australia, try to make some of their best food and wine festivals a part of your tourism plans. Here are food and wine festivals in Australia that you can’t miss:

  1. McLaren Vale Sea & Wines Festival: Usually, this festival runs from June 5 – 8 and is located in the Southern part of Australia in Adelaide. Adelaide is known for breathtaking beaches and vineyards that are a short day trip out of the city. During the festival, the wineries open up for special tastings, restaurants have unique foodie delicacies, and family-oriented events to enjoy. This festival is a great way to dive into the hidden foodie and wine culture that Australia proudly has to offer.
  2. Taste of Melbourne: Taste of Melbourne typically takes place in mid-November. Melbourne is considered the foodie capital of Australia due to the amazing diverse restaurants that Melbourne has to offer. How the festival works is that each top restaurant has three or four small dishes for guests to try. This is a great way to learn about the top restaurants without paying the high prices of eating at them. Additionally, the festival is outside and it is offered in the spring with wine for individuals to enjoy.
  3. Sydney Good Food Month: In the month of October, Sydney has an entire month dedicated to delicious food. Chefs from all over the world flying for this event to gain publicity and to showcase their best dishes. Each restaurant in Sydney also participates by offering a special dish.
  4. Orange FOOD Week: During mid-April there is an event where local producers showcase their dishes in the Food of Orange District (FOOD) in Orange, NSW. The spirit of the festival is that it is the gourmet food without the fashion. There is local food and wine everywhere you look and each product is not from more than 100 miles away. If you are looking for a more natural food experience that does not have the arrogance of foodies, this is your ideal festival in Australia.
  5. Truffle Kerfuffle: Truffle Kerfuffle is located in Manjimup, WA and usually is held the last weekend of June. This festival celebrates where the majority of Australia’s truffles are from by having an enormous food festival. The idea behind the festival is to use truffle in every dish to create unique and fantastic flavors. A nice supplement to this truffle festival is that there are many different craft beers and cheeses to sample as you make your way through the truffles. Truffle Kerfuffle is an excellent way to tap into Australia’s local food culture rather than international dishes by gourmet chefs in the larger cities.

Australia has a great deal to offer when it comes to food and wine festivals. Even though Australia is a long flight from many parts of the world, it is absolutely worth considering when wanting to try exceptional wines and innovative culinary cuisine. The best way to see what Australia has to offer is to go to some of the smaller cities and you will be truly amazed at the delicious dishes that you will taste during both these food festivals and the everyday dinner at a local restaurant.

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