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Best Food Writing

Holly Hughes started the series in 2000, and has continued to date.

Each edition seems to get more interesting.

The 16th edition has been categorized into – The Way We Eat Now

(seven articles), “Down The Hatch” (5), Cooking The Books (6), The Family Table (6), Foodways (6), Dining Around (6), Someone’s In The Kitchen (6), Life On A Plate (6).

Every year she selects the best from submitted and researched articles.

Each article reads more interesting than the previous one.

To date, I have reviewed six Best Food Writing titles, and every year I look forward to reading the next.

She has a knack to fish out the crème de la crème wiring from a pile of fine literary food and beverage articles.

The 2015 edition consists of a smorgasbord of essays to satiate the reader’s palate, and represents a stellar collection of American food writing.

The cornucopia of writing manifests itself in the selection of categories shown above.

There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that this collection of fabulous writing on fascinating and diverse topics will appeal to all food lovers and all who like good literary food writing.

Buy this book and read it, then shelve it and reread as often as necessary to refresh your memory and enjoy articles once again.

Highly recommended.

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