Foods to Go for Your Wedding Ceremony Next Spring Season

Wedding is considered to be one of the most important times in a person’s life. A lot of essential things are required to make a successful wedding ceremony. If you think that only the bride and groom is enough, then you are very wrong. If you ask me what is the most important part of a wedding, then it would definitely be the food. Can you ever imagine a wedding without a banquet? The answer would be definitely a big no. Now, if you are planning a wedding, then it is very essential for you to know the food items that will make the guests remember the ceremony for a long time.


Wedding Foods Beautifully Served Upon Assorted Tables

You can have different variations in your food, for example, you can add a bit oriental flavor to the food and can even opt for an Italian buffet. Wedding caterers in Charleston sc has recently come up with many variations through the summer wedding season. The article will provide you with proper information regarding the menus that can make the ceremony a hit among guests.

Cocktails and Starters

Now, any wedding would be incomplete if the married couple does not toast. Now, no toast is complete without the inclusion of cocktails and merry drinks. Now, no one can avoid taking a sip from refreshing spring cocktails. To make such a drink, you will need to have iced peaches and some passions fruits for example Bellinis and chevron flutes.

Drinks are specifically served three times during a wedding. First, when the ceremony starts as a starting pistol. You can serve champagne as an arrival drinks or you can opt for wine or beer or Pimm’s. Since, the guests will be quite hungry, and therefore, it is necessary that you keep canapés around and it won’t even cost you a fortune.  You can also include fried green tomatoes along with Asian flavored Gingered Slaw dish topped with Sprouts and avocado. Country ham biscuits can be an instant hit among guests. You might even like the idea of serving the biscuits with pepper and butter jelly.

Main Course

It is very essential that you well incorporate the entire main course station with a number of flavors. If you love sea food, then you would definitely love the idea of crab cakes. Serve the cakes with red cabbage slaw and a pinch of tarragon tartar sauces. Now, everybody loves the idea of shrimps in main course. You can definitely include Stone ground grits along with a tomato based shrimp flavored sauce, incorporated with onions and peppers.  Now, don’t leave the main course there, as you can make it more tantalizing with cheddar cheese, bacon biscuits, green onion and butter.


Now, any times guests do feel hunger pangs while enjoying the entire wedding ceremony. To make sure that they never get tired and keep enjoying, you can include side dishes and dips as refreshment for their taste buds. Make sure that you include hot flavored crab dip along with chilled spinach dips. Crackers and breads will definitely taste more scrumptious with the assorted dips and spreads.

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