Gallery Grill at the Heart House.

Gallery GrillGallery Grill

Most restaurant patrons want great food, attentive service, pleasant surroundings, and reasonable prices. Those who want to be seen need not lunch at the Gallery Grill.

This gem-of-a-restaurant tucked away on the second floor of University of Toronto’s impressive Heart House, under the guidance of Susan Baby, serves lunch and brunch only.

Reservations are recommended, particularly for groups of six or more.

The menu is seasonal to the extent possible in Toronto, dishes are innovative, all ingredients harmonize, and plates are always nicely presented.

This high-ceiling restaurant is bright, and has a classic charm to it. It is obvious that it was converted from some underused corner of the venerable Heart House, and overlooks the impressive Great Hall of the university, often a venue for weddings and formal dinners.

Service is quick, professional, unobtrusive, knowledgeable and helpful.

Those with allergies are cheerfully accommodated and guests in a hurry are advised accordingly about dishes that require long preparation.

The wine list is relatively short, well selected, and reasonably priced.

If you want to experience fine, innovative food and cannot afford big-name establishments, Gallery Grill is for you.

Parking is available, but you will still need to walk for a few hundred meters.

Overall, Gallery Grill represents good value and is definitely worth a visit.

Gallery Grill

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