Game Casserole with Deer.

Game CasseroleGame Casserole

This is healthy and good food that warms on a cold winter evening.

The recipe for Game Casserole :

1 kg of game meat (we did Deer this time). Cut it in big dices.
A little butter
10 Juniper berry (powdered)
1 Bouillon cube
6 dl water
2 TBS soy sauce
1 TBS wine vinegar
2 big red onions chopped large pieces
2 dl mushrooms (we used chanterelle this time)
3 TBS Maizena Corn Starch
3 bay leaf dried

The making:

It is very easy; I started with the meat and a frying pan and a little butter. Then I moved the meat over to the casserole and did the same with the onions and the mushrooms. Then you can add all the rest except for the Maizena. Let it cook until the meat is tender, then add the maizena and give it a couple of minutes and it is ready! As you can see on the picture I had a little of sweet corn in, but that was just because I had a half can opened from yesterday.

Serve it with potatoes, carrots and mountain cranberry.

The wine:

And of course a wine recommendation at the end; Crozes-Hermitage from Guigal.

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Game Casserole

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