Two New German Wines Worth Exploring.

Blue Nun

Liebfraumilch used to be one of the iconic white German wines. Originally, it was the wine that pilgrims received upon arrival at the Liebfrauenstift Church (Church of Our Lady) in Worms am Rhein.

The good monks grew the fruit on the vineyard that surrounded, and still does, the church and made the wine for their consumption, and to welcome pilgrims.

It became a popular wine, and eventually a brand. The original vineyard still exists, but the wine is now a single-vineyard wine marketed under the name Liebfrauenstift Kirchenstuck and is relatively expensive due to limited supply.

The vineyard is now owned by two wineries – Langenbach and Valckenberg.

Over time, the enormous popularity of Liebfraumilch precipitated a decline of flavour, except the brand called Blue Nun Liebfraumilch patented by the venerable Sichel und Sohne winery. It was always consistent and never failed to appeal to the public at large. Every large German winery produces a Liebfraumilch using bought grapes from different regions in Germany.

Sichel und Sohne merged with the family-owned Mosel-located F.W Langguth Winery in 1995 and now Blue Nun emerged as a completely new brand created using Rivaner (a cross between Riesling and Sylvaner). The German wine laws permit the use of Riesling, Muller-Thurgau, Sylvaner, and others. Rivaner has very appealing aromatics, and flavour that millions appreciate.

Blue Nun Rivaner is fruity, off dry, well balanced with good depth, and lingering refreshing flavour. It is suitable for sipping, fruit bowls, light foods i.e poached chicken breast, or pan-fried chicken, cold chicken salad, beer-battered sole fillet, spaghetti all olio e salvagio, spaghetti quarto staggioni, sushi of all types, and biryani.

Blue Nun is a brand with several varietal wines – Pinot Grigio, Rose, and Red.

F.W. Langguth also makes a new brand – Black Slate – using exclusively Mosel-grown Riesling, hence the name Black Slate. Mosel vineyards are covered wit slate; some with red, others with blue, yet others with black.

Black Slate is a premium quality wine that uses selectively harvested grapes. It is crisp, with lively minerality, and invigorating acidity. Low in alcohol (11 ABV) and off dry, it is light, and clean with intriguing fruit flavour. Suitable for fruit punches, sipping, light dishes i.e pan-fried trout, or fillet of sole with parsley and drawn butter, breaded sole fillets, ceviche, pasta salad, biryani, and sushi of all types.

Both these reasonably priced wines are available all over the world and across Canada.

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Blue Nun