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Studies indicate that the average wine drinker opens the bottle after 90 minutes after purchase. That means that shortly after purchasing and traveling the wine is in the glass ready to be consumed.

Wine, being a living thing, requires a little care before enjoyment, as even a short trip from the store to home makes it “upset”. After purchasing, let it rest for at least two days; for sparkling wines four to five days.

More importantly, after processing the fruit and fermentation, may or may not be aged for some time either in barrels or in stainless steel tanks, the wine is blended (in most cases also filtered) and bottled.

After shipping, warehousing, and distribution to retail stores, it spends weeks, or months, and in some cases even years before it is opened.

Imagine you being in a very confines space for a long time, and being freed. How do you feel immediately after gaining freedom? A little unsettled I imagine.

Here is where Decantus comes in! This is a timely invention to restore and make ready to enjoy the wine.

Wine (white or red) benefits from aeration and Decantus accomplishes it superbly.

Modern wines are produced by exclusion of oxygen to preserve fruitiness, but oxygen is the liberator and death of wine. A little oxygen is “frees” the wine.

Aeration should not be confused with decanting – which does two things – separates solids that fall off the wine (aka sediment), and envelops wine with oxygen.

Decantus enhances oxygen contact and improves the wine aromatically and textureally.

I opened a bottle and put half of it through the Decantus. I poured a portion of the other half into an identical glass.

The wine that went through the Decantus aerator smelled more fruity and appealing, and its mouth feel was much improved.

Wine needs to react with oxygen to reveal its fullest aromatically, and its bouquet.

I recommend it highly for still white and red wines. You will be pleasantly surprised.


is now available in Canada and the USA at a reasonable cost (aerator $ 59.99), aerator stand $ 29.99)

For orders, contact Tyler Johnstone at 905 392 6950, Fax 905 841 7274

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