Grand Duchy of Luxembourg

Grand Duchy of Luxembourg
Grand Duchy of Luxembourg

France, Germany, and Belgium border the grand Duchy Of Luxembourg, one of the Benelux states. It is one of Europe’s smallest sovereign countries after Vatican City, Monaco, Republic of San Marino, and Andorra.

Because of its strategic location in Central Europe it was already important to Roman Emperors. They even built a fortress to protect their interests. The population of 550 000 is composed of many French, Belgian, Italian, German, and Portuguese expatriates.

While the Duchy had a considerable iron and steel industry, far eastern competition forced it to reconsider, and in fact the industry is now close to extinct. Luxembourg thrives, and is of the richest countries of the continent with a personal GDP of $ 107 000.

The government achieved this impressive economic performance by developing and nurturing banking, chemical industries, digital enterprises, communication companies, insurance, and re-insurance conglomerates, and tourism. Tourists and locals consume enough wine to deplete the annual production.

Luxembourg does not maintain an army, but small police force of approximately 1000.
It is a well-maintained sovereign state, with beautiful landscapes.
Parliament astutely legislates laws to benefit the economy.

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