Greenshell mussels

Greenshell mussels

Native only to New Zealand’s, pristine waters and temperate climate, greenshell mussels have captured the imagination of thousands of New Zealand chefs.

Practically all high-end restaurants in Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, Toronto, Vancouver and San Francisco have one or two greenshell specialties on their menus, and diners like their taste, colour, and nutritious combination.

New Zealand’s 500 greenshell pollution-free “farms” grow them carefully, ensuring their nutritional needs for proper growth.

The most important point is that ingenious New Zealanders invented a four-stage (steam-shuck-snapfreeze-iceglaze) processing system that ensures safe delivery anywhere in the world.

Greenshell mussels are low in cholesterol, and contain appreciable amounts of selenium, calcium, iron, zinc, and moega-3 fatty acids.

They can be sauteed in olive oil, grilles, BBQ, or added to any seafood stew for a better and delicious taste dimension.

Greenshell mussels can be used for pasta presentations or in pasta salads on buffets to enhanced colour, and an interesting and unusual taste, and encourage food-related conversation.

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