Why the Grill is so Sacred?


For men (most grill cooks are men) grilling not only cooks food, but it also burns away blandness of daily life. Most men would rather tackle nature and problems associated with natural life than office politics, fashion diets of all sorts, or etiquette. They would happily grill for the family, friends, and even business associates given a chance.

The sacredness of grilling gives everyone delicious permission to relax and enjoy life.

Cooking on open fires is not a new concept; in fact it is the oldest of all techniques. Some food researchers and historians believe that the idea of cooking food on fire created what we call civilization and also changed the human body. Professor Richard Wrangham’s book titled Catching Fire: How Cooking Made Us Human explains in detail how cooking changed the shape and capacity of the human body.

A professor at Shanghai’s Computational Biology University goes even further by suggesting that cooked meat paved the way for our ancestors enough extra energy to develop their brains.

For millions of Canadian and many millions more Americans and no doubt hundreds of thousands of Europeans “spring” means “grill time: but now a significant number of people grill year round both outdoors, and indoors with the help of new technologies.

You can grill on open fires, which most people in developing countries do on charcoal or dry wood, you can also cook parillada style ( as Argentines do), use a gas fired grill, or a grill designed for briquettes or mesquite.

BBQ and grilling are two entirety different processes. BBQ uses a combination of heat and smoke, whereas grilling is done on an open fire.

It is important to sear the meat on high heat, then move it to side to finish cooking and salt towards the end of coking to preserve the juices.

Always rest the cooked meat for a few minutes pending on size and never overcook.

Medium rare is fine, rare or blue are for people who like to see a lot of blood on their plates.

There are hundreds of grill manufacturers with a myriad of designs. Some have been around for many years and distribute their products all over the world, but the most important market for all is the USA, followed by the United Kingdom and Canada.

Continental Europeans are less enamoured with grilling, but Middle Eastern people are.

Grilling is a festive and important activity with a lot of drinking and other fun activities for young and old.

The following manufacturers are well known for their superior quality, workmanship, and guarantees:

Broil King,
Fire Magic,

Tips to grill like a professional

• Always allow your meat to rest after you take it off the grill
• For larger cuts of meat invest in a digital thermometer
• Do not cut your meat on the grill to see if it is done
• Remove the skin of chicken before grilling to prevent flair ups


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