Grilling Secrets.


Witness a man as he delicately lays down a piece of well aged red meat upon a hot outdoor grill, and observe his satisfied expression.

The backyard barbeque is a contemporary symbol of primal need, and millions want it.

Arron Barberian, the owner and manager of his famous steak house in Toronto, that was established by his father says:” Ripping flesh off animals and putting it on a fire, probably goes back 200,000 years” and continues his thoughts by stating: ”It may be the thing that separates us from the animals more than anything else. It is when we feel most like men.”

He grills his steaks on hardwood charcoal, that is 50 times more expensive than gas, but the results speak for themselves, for his steak sales are still increasing despite a severe downturn of the economy in North America.

Every year, thousands more decide to grill their food. Even some apartment dwellers with a balcony opt for small portable grills, others prefer charcoal kettle-style grills, and those who live in luxury may purchase high-end grills designed with all the bells and whistles imaginable for thousands of dollars.

Regardless, whenever you decide to buy a grill select the product of a manufacturer who stands behind his products, has been in business for a long time, and offers good service. Buy charcoal or gas type grills.

Once you have purchased your grill, maintain it well. Clean immediately after use.

If you want to smoke the fish you just caught or purchased, there are small smokers that would be suitable.

The basics of grilling can be learned relatively quickly, but mastering the art takes a little longer, and some never get it right.

Here are some of the basics:

• Buy your meat from a reputable butcher, and make sure it is organic and of good quality. At least 2.5 cm (one inch) preferably 5 cm. thick rib eye steaks are most flavourful because of their marbling, but must be expertly cooked for best results.

• Always preheat your grill
• Cook meat that is at room temperature
• Season only after searing the meat
• Never stab or poke the meat or fish this prevents drying out and textural changes
• The meat should be removed from fire when it has reached its desired level of doneness and then rested for five minutes.
• Seafood does not require marinating.
• Grill meat without the marinade. If the meat has been marinated, scrape off before putting it on the grill
• Brush oil on the food, not on the grill
• Always clean with a sturdy wire brush immediately after cooking or as soon as practicable.
• You can use direct or indirect heat grilling. The former is better for delicate fish like trout or sole fillets, whereas direct heat cooks red meat to succulent texture.

You can make your BBQ sauce, and once you have mastered the basics you can adjust the flavour to your liking.

Many people like to add BBQ sauce to their grilled meat, but in reality a properly cooked piece of meat needs nothing more than salt and a few grindings of pepper.

If you still insist using a BBQ sauce know that most contain tomato paste or ketchup, spices, vinegar, water, molasses, cornstarch and mustard. You can easily create your own.

There are many brands some with artificial smoke added.

Reputable North American grill manufacturers that also offer good service
Lynx Professional Grills
American Outdoors
Vermont Castings
Fire Magic



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