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A Guide to Bordeaux for Your Wine Tour


Bordeaux is one of the most famous winemaking regions in the world. Its position on the southwest coast of France with the Atlantic Ocean facing it makes this a picture perfect destination to relax in. It’s important to find out more about the region you’re preparing to visit, though. Here’s a complete guide to the region of Bordeaux and its position as France’s number one wine region.

Bordeaux and Wine

Bordeaux is sliced in two by the Gironde Estuary. The two rivers the Garonne and the Dordogne run into this estuary. At the heart of the region is the city of Bordeaux itself. No visit to the region would be complete without a day spent in France’s fourth biggest city.

The great wine estates are on the Gironde Estuary. It’s no surprise. As the main waterway, wineries have always needed considerable amounts of water to function properly. Whilst a river isn’t necessary these days, history has prevailed and practically all of the main wine estates are on the Gironde or on one of the other two rivers.

Many of them are located in smaller villages. Since vineyards need so much space to make and store their wine, they might have separate storage and wine tasting rooms in other villages.

The Value of the Bordeaux Climate

The maritime climate mirrors Britain. Spring is quite damp, winters are mild, and the summers are dry and hot. Rainfall tends to appear in the autumn and winter months. This is the main threat to the grape crop. If there’s too much rain it can ruin the taste and completely destroy the next year’s wine harvest.

Bordeaux is a natural location for wine since the soil is infertile. Grapes are one of the few things which can grow here. The land is flat with a narrow topography range. The town of St Emilion stands out as a notable exception, but the rest of Bordeaux is very plain without any real natural beauty.

The Wine Touch

Bordelais, the locals of Bordeaux, are amongst the most experienced makers of wine in the world. They have 2,000 years of experience and history, much of which has been passed down through the generations. Bordeaux is renowned for its wine all over the world.

Experimentation is a frequent theme in the wine growing history of this region. Over time, the Bordelais have discovered which grapes grow best. They’ve stuck to their strengths and its yielded very positive results.

The Terroir effect, as it’s known, is the combination of good climate and good soil for wine growing. California is another area which has struck the right balance between the two. It’s why wines from here are so good.

Bordeaux Red

Wine is a slow process. It takes years for a wine to really mature. Bordeaux is famous for its red wines. These wines can cost up to £500 a bottle for wines which are rare or have been allowed to mature for years. There are smaller and cheaper retail bottles which have matured for just a few years, though.

There’s a wine to suit every price range in France!

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