Hawaii – The 50Th State of the U S A.


Hawaii consists of hundreds of islands spread over an area of 2400 km. in the Pacific Ocean. However, there are only eight major islands – Nihau, Kauai, Oahu, Molokai, Lanai, Maui Kahoolawe, and Hawaii, which is the largest and most famous of all.

The first European explorer was captain James Cook in 1718. He was so impressed by the beauty and exuberant population that a year later he returned. He tried to capture King Kalauiopuu to resolve a dispute, but the indigenous war-like population managed to kill him.


was independent kingdom inhabited by people of Polynesian descent. Today, the population is highly mixed with many Japanese, Hispanics and mainland Americans.

Hawaii’s main industries are – tourism, education, military, agriculture (pineapples, sugarcane) and food processing. Honolulu on the main island Hawaii id the biggest city and the seat of the government. The tropical climate of Honolulu and the whole of Hawaii attracts millions of tourists. Rich Japanese jet over for a weekend of golf, and buy US steaks at half the price paid in Japan.

Honolulu airport is busy catering to many airlines fling to Far Eastern countries but this importance is gradually diminishing with the design of long range passenger jest, capable of fling non-stop from Los Angeles to Sydney, or Hong Kong and farther.

Honolulu offers a myriad of hotels from ultra luxury to quaint bed and breakfast operations. If offers visitors excellent, well-maintained beaches in Waikiki. The beaches are full of eye-candy to elderly and vouayeurs. Honolulu offers many sights to visitors – Chinatown, Iolani Palace, State Library (designed according to typical Hawaiian Renaissance architecture) Waikiki tourist district, several museums, the Honolulu Zoo and Ala Moana Centre.

Many specialized travel agencies offer half or full-day sightseeing tours. Some companies organize luau feasts ( kalua suckling pig cooked in pits, poi, lome, salmon, haupani and beer ) complete Hawaiian dancing ensembles. These feasts are educational and highly entertaining.

While in Hawaii,

you can also visit on day-trips neighbouring islands Maui, (Kaanapali beach), Lanai and Molokai which offer, more quaint, and less expensive life styles.
Hawaii’s cultural roots run deep, and islanders love to share them with visitors. Many hotels feature Hawaiian cultural activities, and traditional luaus, which combine traditional food, music, dancing showcasing the influences of various Polynesian cultures.

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