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The History of Wine in 100 Bottles

The History of Wine in 100 Bottles, an oeuvre of prolific English wine writer Oz Clarke, tells the story succinctly and well, with appropriate illustrations that support the topic.

The narrative begins 6000 B.C with Georgia or rather where Georgia is located today.

Generally, the Caucasus (Georgia and Armenia) is accepted as the birthplace of wine, where some wine makers still use huge earthenware containers (qwevri) buried in earth, to ferment the wine.

The author researched long and hard to unearth valuable historic information that is of interest to all curious wine enthusiast.

If you want to know how Greeks of antiquity enjoyed wine, go to page 17, and if you are interested in Egyptian wine history (1480 – 1300 B.C), just turn the page.

Phoenicians (800 – 300 B.C) come next, who helped a great deal to expand commerce in the Mediterranean Sea and spread viticulture.

The text continuous with Romans (300 – 200 B.C) and goes into the origins of Zinfandel, the highest altitude vineyard of the world, then to desert wines produced in the Atacama Desert (Chile).

Lastly, it tells of fraudster Rudy Kurniawan who is currently serving a long sentence.

Oz Clarke’s wit is captivating and the style of writing so engaging that once you start reading, you simply cannot stop until you complete the entire narrative.

An excellent book on the history of wine well told, presented in a beautifully printed book.

Highly recommended.

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