Holiday at Læsø a Danish island part I.


The island is about 20 km long and half the size in wide. There are many bike ways and very nice to bike on (the highest point is about 45 meters). The island is best for those who want a quiet calm, swimming, cycle type of vacation. For those who like cities and a lot of activities in the holiday season, this is not the place. There is not much traffic, and in general by peaceful surroundings. To get to the island we had to take a boat to Frederikshavn and then take another boat back out to the island.

In this first part we will take for us, the island’s main attraction, Saltsyderiet.


The making of salt was very big on Læsø many years ago, but everything stopped in 1652. They ran out of wood, the forest was all cut down. First, in the 80’s the production started up again and everything is done in the old-fashioned way. Aside from the exhaustion of the forest, the production is in a very small quantities and it is done in a naturally balanced way.

The process is very simple; they have big tanks with salt water, which they heat up during the progress. The water evaporates and the salted is left. For the tourists who visit, they can even try themselves in small vessels where they can make their own salt. They make about 200,000 bags of salt each year. The bags are in size 1 kg and less.

It’s free to visit Saltsyderiet and the cost is only 60 Dkr. To make your own salt.

Saltsyderiet lies in natural and beautiful surroundings.

You can buy pancakes with ice cream and jam from the cafeteria. And you can enjoy it out in the beautiful scenery. All in all, it was fun to see how the make salt and to learn some of Læsø’s history.

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