Holiday at Læsø a Danish island part II.


We have been 14 days at Læsø a Danish island 30 km. out of Frederikshavn. We want to tell a little about the general vacation on the island and the activities that are found there. The island has about 2,200 residents, but in summertime up to 110,000 tourists is visiting.

The island is about 20 km long and half the size in wide. There are many bike ways and very nice to bike on (the highest point is about 45 meters). The island is best for those who want a quiet calm, swimming, cycle type of vacation. For those who like cities and a lot of activities in the holiday season, this is not the place. There is not much traffic, and in general by peaceful surroundings. To get to the island we had to take a boat to Frederikshavn and then take another boat back out to the island.

In part II we will take for us the island’s zoological park. It is small, but as most of the island in beautiful natural surroundings. It’s called Søborggaard Dyreland and there is about 250 animals classified in 70 species from around the world. There is also a large children’s play area and a small souvenirs kiosk with ice-cream and beverages. costs only 40 Dkr. for adults and 30 Dkr. for children to enter. The area is small and intimately. You get a much closer contact with the animals than in the larger zoos and it feels relaxed and comfortable to just loaf around to look at the animals and enjoy the scenery.

Opening hours are 11am – 6pm in the peak season, and otherwise open from 15/3-19/10 with reduced operating hours. However, as most of the people who visit the island will do it in the summertime.

Are you looking for a little more action and excitement combined with an interest in horses, there are activities for that too. Read more on Dagbladet a Norwegian newspaper or

This goat loved to be patted on the head, it stood absolutely still on the stone.
This one however, I did not take any chances…..

We had an enjoyable time at the zoo and we recommend anyone who visits Læsø to take the trip. As souvenirs we bought us a peacock feathers and a big spike from a major type of hedgehog.


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