Holiday at Læsø a Danish island part III.


We have been 14 days at Læsø a Danish island 30 km. out of Frederikshavn. We want to tell a little about the general vacation on the island and the activities that are found there. The island has about 2,200 residents, but in summertime up to 110,000 tourists is visiting.

The island is about 20 km long and half the size in wide. There are many bike ways and very nice to bike on (the highest point is about 45 meters). The island is best for those who want a quiet calm, swimming, cycle type of vacation. For those who like cities and a lot of activities in the holiday season, this is not the place. There is not much traffic, and in general by peaceful surroundings. To get to the island we had to take a boat to Fredrikshavn and then take another boat back out to the island.

Krobækgaard offer following activities:

* Horse back riding
* Trip – horse and wagon
* Weekend stay
* Training and education
* Bed and Breakfast
* Cafe

We shall, however, take for us what is going on every Wednesday evening in Krogbækgaard, namely Grilled wild boar and musical entertainment in the farms backyard. It costs 295.- Dkr. each and it included all the food you can eat during the evening. Beverage however, must be purchased. In addition to the actual meat, there was a wonderful buffet with all kinds of food. I will let the images speak for themselves, so you see what was served.
As you can see from the pictures, everyone is in a fine and relaxed mood. And not to forget, all the good food!
This was the first round of food. The bread was also very good.
Here are the musician who stood for today’s entertainment. He was Danish and played just so high that we were able to enjoy the music and talk together without any problems. Te Chief himself accounted for the grilling and the meat was just absolutely wonderful.

This picture was taken before everything started and when we were waiting for the good food we were able to enjoy a beverage from the café.

Here is from the front of the cafe, where we sat in the sun afterwards and just relax while the kids had activities with some play apparatus. We were indeed very happy with this visit. We also had the weather on our side by over 20 degrees Celsius late in the evening. The only thing that was a little bit off is that it was a lot of flies in the backyard, but that is to be expected on a farm. We strongly recommend visiting when you are on the island.


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