Holiday at Læsø a Danish island part IV.


We have been 14 days at Læsø a Danish island 30 km. out of Frederikshavn. We want to tell a little about the general vacation on the island and the activities that are found there. The island has about 2,200 residents, but in summertime up to 110,000 tourists is visiting.

The island is about 20 km long and half the size in wide. There are many bike ways and very nice to bike on (the highest point is about 45 meters). The island is best for those who want a quiet calm, swimming, cycle type of vacation. For those who like cities and a lot of activities in the holiday season, this is not the place. There is not much traffic, and in general by peaceful surroundings. To get to the island we had to take a boat to Frederikshavn and then take another boat back out to the island.

A visit to Læsø Uldstue ( wool cottage ) – a different and evocative store.

The store is located in rural areas in an old farm with seaweed and grass on the roof. The farm itself is worth a visit.

The farm is as all old farms on Læsø built in a rectangle with the farmyard and a well in the middle.

Inside the store can be found just about everything that can be made of wool and most are handmade.

As you can see there is a wide range.

Uldstuen has 600 lambs and sheep graze just outside the store and they deliver all the wool they need for day-to-day operations.

We had to buy us something from the shop and even for those who are not as interested in wool and clothing; it is worth taking the trip just to look at the farm and the environment.

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