Holidays in Northern Cyprus…. a complete bon appetite for food lovers.


Northern Cyprus holidays, holidays in northern Cyprus has been the ideal choice for people all over the world. The sun bathed beaches, the scenic beauty adds up to the demand of the place as a perfect holiday destination. Visiting a place for appreciating its beauty and bounty is the pre requisite of every tourist. However, there are certain groups of people who visit places for satisfying their taste buds with the local cuisine and special recipes of the place.

The local cuisine of Northern Cyprus is similar to the traditional Turkish cuisine. But according to some, the dishes in Northern Cyprus differ from that of the modern European and Asian influences. However, even the restaurants in Northern Cyprus have kept the native flavor intact. On your holiday in Northern Cyprus you won’t find any of the standard fast-food joints, such as McDonalds or KFC; rather you will find the traditional and local food of the Turkish cuisine satisfying the taste buds of tourists.

Even though the climate of Northern Cyprus is warm, restaurants offer a wide variety of soups on their menus. The soups are served at the beginning of the meal. On your trip for holidays in Northern Cyprus don’t forget to order the lentil soup, which is a favorite among the locals.

For a meal during your holidays in Northern Cyprus, Northern Cyprus holiday would most probably begin with meze often considered as the Turkish equivalent for the Spanish tapas. Meze is the choicest of hot and cold hors d’oeuvres traditionally served with drinks. It consists of fifteen small dishes made with hummus and spicy meatballs to cheese-filled filo pastry, olives, hellim and calamari. As a tourist, you will be offered with plenty of raki on your North Cyprus holiday. Raki is an aniseed spirit which turns dark when water is added to it. It is referred as the ‘lion’s milk’ and is commonly served with fish meze dishes.

The Cypriot people are meat-eaters but pork meat is not a part of their menu because of the vast majority of the Muslim population residing in the place. Their traditional dishes mostly contain either lamb or chicken. Kebabs are the most popular dish in Northern Cyprus; ‘kebab’ is the name given to a traditional dish cooked in a ceramic pot. Kebab meat is either stewed or grilled over a charcoal fire and served in a marinade with vegetables and fresh pitta bread.

On your holidays in Northern Cyprus you must certainly try the local deserts. Honey and nuts form the basis for most of the deserts in Northern Cyprus. Lokma is kinds of desert in which the cakes are deep-fried in honey and its taste is really fulfilling.

Cypriot food is something that has to be experienced throughout your holiday. Typical Cyprus dishes are a merging of Greek, Turkish, Middle Eastern and African dishes. So, don’t keep yourself away from the rich food heritage of the place. Exotic dishes like squids, octopus and red mullet are popular catches of the day wherever you go!

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