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The Home Bartender

There is absolutely no doubt that Americans love cocktails.

The concept of mixing two or more alcoholic liquids with or without fruit juices, herbs, spices, syrups and other suitable ingredients was invented in New Orleans and spread all over the world.

Cocktails are no longer a beverage but an art. In order to become a master in the art, you have to experiment and taste.

In this book the author explains in detail what you need to start a home bar, and all the equipment required to prepare cocktails.

The advantage of the list of ingredients is that the group of alcoholic beverages are limited to vodka, rum, gin, tequila, and whiskies.

Recipes are based on the above categories of spirits, plus non-alcoholic beverages, bitters and garnishes.

Cocktails offer the opportunity to change the taste of the basic alcohol base and make it smoother, and more pleasant on the palate.

The unique feature of this book is the abundance of non-alcoholic beverages (aka virgin Bloody Mary etc) meant for those who abstain but may enjoy mixes.

Each basic alcoholic beverage segment starts with a short explanation of its taste, and suitability for cocktails.

An interesting and informative book for any cocktail aficionado, or beginner, and all bartenders catering to a clientele looking for interesting non-alcoholic cocktails or abstaining family members in a birthday party or attendants of a celebration, or designated drivers who are committed to consuming non-alcoholic beverages.


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