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The Home Distilling and Infusing Handbook

If you like to mix liquids and enjoy a drink or two from time to time, read this book.

This is he essential handbook that takes you step by step through the process of blending, creating new liqueurs, techniques of infusion, and a little on distilling. The author touches on distilling briefly, mentioning kits and how to proceed, but not in great detail. Distillation can be dangerous for dilettantes to determine the fine line between ethanol and methanol. In some states it is strictly illicit, in others tolerated.

Quotes throughout the book are witty and well selected. Here are two – Money like vodka, turns a person into an eccentrtic” Anton Chekhov. “ A drink a day keeps the shrink away”, Edward Abbey is another.

First, short descriptions of major spirit categories are given ( i. e gin, vodka, rum, tequila, whiskies).

A chapter on infusions follow describing how you can cerate your own simply by following recipes provided, starting with grapefruit rum, and following with coconut-pineapple, and lychee, which continue with vodka infusions. Tequila infusions are imaginative and definitely worth trying, e.g honeysuckle- or pineapple tequila.

Cordial lovers will delight in recipes of sweet low alcohol fruit and herb concoctions like strawberry rosemary cordial, or pistachio liqueur. If you like coffee, try Kahlua crème to see how you can enjoy your coffee at a more elevated level.

The author also provides several recipes on how to blend whiskies.
A chapter consisting of Q an A by various mixologists provides insights into artful bartending.
The author also provides two-and-a-a-half pages of on line resources.

A book for people who like to entertain, and/or enjoy a quiet drink after work, to read and learn how cerate his/her own drink.

Highly recommended.

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