Hot weather requires changes in diet

Hot weather
Hot weather

When temperatures start climbing to 25 C and above, it is imperative to change your diet to lighter fare.

“Food is medicine” goes the saying, and researchers have determined that it is better to eat more vegetables and fruits than “heavy” meats ( i.e beef, veal, game), whole grain cereal, olive oil and inordinate amounts of spices (i.e chillies, black pepper, strong curries).

A juicy grilled steak straight from the grill could cause a debilitating arthritic attack.

High-glycemic foods are linked to systemic inflammation, as are foods high in saturated fat and tarns fats (margarine, manufactured cookies to name just two), cold cuts, bacon, and other processed foods.

Free-range chicken and wild-caught fish are healthier than “factory chicken and farmed fish”. Food has the power to change how you feel, your performance, and mental and physical health.

Reducing added sugar intake is highly recommended, as is over the counter drugs, and if possible to avoid them altogether If you suffer from arthritis and or experience minor headaches from time to time and take aspirin (salicylic acid) be careful when the weather turns hot. Salicylic acid may cause stomach upsets, worse stomach lining irritation.

Don’t forget to exercise daily, even if is a short but brisk walk.

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