What Hotel Guests Leave Behind.


Ask any hotel housekeeper about lost and found, he/she will tell you astonishing stories.

Large hotels maintain departments within housekeeping to inventory items left behind, or forgotten with relevant details for tracing.

Some things are left behind on purpose, but most are not. A large-size, well-worn bra may be left behind on purpose, but a bottle of Crystal champagne from L. Roederer is certainly not.

Glasses. USB sticks, toiletries, toothbrushes, CDs, costume jewellery, laptops, iPads, clothing, prescriptions, Bibles, and even passports are forgotten in hotel rooms. But $ 8000.00 in cash tops them all, and which did the room attendant turn in. The forgetful guest appropriately rewarded her for her honesty.

Even once I forgot once a suit in a Florida hotel, but luckily the housekeeper was organized enough to pack it well (ironed and properly folded) and mail to me. Alas, the hotel is no longer in business.

Now, whenever I travel, the last thing I do before checking out is to check the cupboard, the W.C, and all drawers including the bed stands.

Believe it or not, some families forget toys, and when the kids start looking for their favourite toys parents panic call the hotel asking for their belongings to be mailed. If the family is travelling by car and is not too far from the hotel, frequently the driver (commonly the father) will be persuaded to return to the hotel.

Some unusual items also appear in vacated rooms, e.g a whip, pornographic materials, business books, narcotics, prescription drugs, partially used liquor bottles, rarely a stethoscope, language tapes, tank tops, dresses, shoes, slacks are just a few of the items.

On the other hand, some guests take away bed linen, drapes, lamps, and occasionally even a large TV set.

In many roadside hotels in the USA, TV sets are riveted to furniture, and the receptionist asks fro two identification documents before paying in advance of checking in.

In one case, an American hotel guest in Montreal stripped the room of everything he could pack in his three large luggages and had to be stopped at the border by authorities that had been alerted by the management.

The hotel property was recovered.


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  3. There are instances in which these items are left behind by the guests. We should not throw it right away, because guests might come back and will look for those items. Maybe 1 year is enough to keep those items.