A novel idea on peaceful vacationing


Millions travel to “exotic” destinations to discover historical facts, see monuments, study and experience new cuisines, swim, ski, skydive or snorkel. Others travel to see vineyards, talk with winemakers, visit wineries, and taste wines.

There are various reasons why people travel. These include health-, sex-, sport-, and archaeology tourism.

Here is a new idea that you may want to pursue, if you have family with young and inquisitive children, especially if you happen to be famous and do not want to be disturbed constantly.

Rent or buy an island.
Canada is blessed with thousands of small islands in lakes, and close to the shore.
Many island owners put their islands up for rent for four to six weeks each summer.
The rent depends on size and existing facilities.

In Ontario the Georgian Bay is a hotspot for island renting. Some island owners will even throw in the use of a speedboat.
On an island you can truly relax, explore nature, teach your offsprings about birds, fish, and wildlife.
If you don’t want to cook, you can hire a professional to do the cooking for the family, including purchasing.

Canada is not the only country where one can rent an island.
Many small Caribbean countries offer the same opportunity.
The IT is full of web sites regarding private island rental.