Incomparable Fresh and Flavourful Food from New Zealand.


New Zealand, a small country east of Australia, is now recognized worldwide for the flavourful and fresh produce along with lamb and butter.

The remote location does not compromise quality, but increases cost. Tender lamb, full flavoured artisan cheeses, superb fresh seafood, rich ripe fruit, vegetables, honey and butter are all exported to most Far Eastern countries including China. In Europe Britain is a large market and in North America, both Canada and the U S A import large quantities of selected fresh and frozen foods.

Wine also plays an important role but that is a subject for another article.

Seafood is one New Zealand’s success stories. The water surrounding both the north and south islands are pristine.

Greenshell (Trade mark) mussels with their greenish shells and meaty interior are exported to many countries. They are available fresh, shucked, shatter packed, and frozen. The country’s orange roughy, grouper, snapper, rock lobster, clams and abalone enjoy an excellent reputation in Far Eastern countries like Singapore, Taiwan, Japan, Korea and China.

New Zealand’s aquaculture industry must be credited in developing advanced techniques to produce impeccable and tasty John Dory, salmon, calamari and oysters.

When it comes to lamb, New Zealand cannot be beat. Here farmers produce enough lamb to feed Iran, export live, fresh or frozen considerable quantities to the U K, the U S A, Canada and many other countries. Saudi Arabia is also a dependable and large market for New Zealand’s live lamb that they slaughter on location according to ancient rituals.

Avocados, onions, asparagus and mushrooms are exported to many Far Eastern countries. However, New Zealand excels in growing fruit. Kiwi, originally form southern China are cultivated here, a quality unsurpassed anywhere. Today, Israel, Italy, Spain, South Africa, Chile and the

U S A produce kiwis, but from taste and textural perspectives, none can match the succulence, and brilliant taste of the New Zealand product.

In addition to kiwi black-, blue-, rasp-, straw- and gooseberries, cherries, apples, pears, melons, passion fruit and tamarillos are grown for both internal consumption and export.

New Zealand has highly developed packaging industry to ensure that all exported fruit arrive in sound condition at their destination.

Exporters pay special attention to quality, and nothing is shipped if it fails to meet rigid hygienic and quality standards.

New Zealand honey is pure, and deeply flavoured to please even the most discriminating palates. Distinctive flavours such as Manika, Rew Rewa, Kamahi and Poluitawa result from the combination of native flowers and the region in where the honey is produced. All are natural and well worth looking for.

New Zealand’s ingenious farmers were the first to produce avocado oil every bit as flavourful as the best olive oil, and also manage to extract light and refreshing olive oil from olives grown on the north island.

All of the above are available in North America’s major city grocery stores.

Cruise ships sailing in Far Eastern waters, particularly concerned about quality, specify New Zealand produce whenever possible because of reliability and high quality standards.

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