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Inside the Middle East

The author, a former Israeli senior official on Arab affairs, and intelligence community member, is now an independent Middle East strategic analyst employed by the Middle East Affairs at the Eisenhower Institute in the U S A.

Anyone whishing to understand the world’s politically most volatile region, including all American politicians in Washington should read it.

The Middle East is a political cauldron that can explode at anytime.

This penetrating account plainly blames George W. Bush, and more importantly, his vice president Dick Cheney, who unleashed the powerful, well trained, and well-equipped American armed forces on Iraq without a logical policy of governing after the invasion.

This highly informative book provides a valuable historical synopsis of this very complex region where the different sects of the same faith fight one another i.e Shiites against Sunnis, or against Alavites, or Muslims against Christians, or Jews, or Druzes.

Inside The Middle East is well researched, and is based on the author’s personal experiences and beliefs.

It is clear from the author’s observations that reflect the Israeli thinking, and policy, rather than taking an absolute objective stance. Saddam Hussein and his generals miscalculated the American power and resolve in the attack.

On the other hand, American politicians made a fundamental error by disbanding the Iraqi army including all generals, and this in turn precipitated an open plunder of all armaments and allowed important secret information to fall into the hands of opportunists. They started the idea of “Khalifate” a k a  ISIS which cause the death of thousands, and unimaginable suffering of millions of people.

This book provides an analysis of all Arab countries and the Arab world by a knowledgeable theoretician who had a chance to study Arab countries beyond the Meddle East – Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, and Libya, drawing logical, but slightly biased opinions.

Regardless, of a few minor inaccuracies, this is a well written,

adequately researched, valuable book that deserves to be mandatory reading for all university students studying political sciences, and those who want to specialize in Middle Eastern affairs.

Highly recommended.




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