Hotel Professionals

An insider’s criteria for a well- managed hotel


Most hotel guests judge the quality of a hotel by its exterior, setting, the configuration and size of the lobby, room appointment and complimentary toiletries.

A modern hotel design, at least in industrialized western countries, is glitzy, impressive, stark, dominated by marble floors, warm colours, well-designed lighting, functionality, and use of minimal labour.

Hotel insiders evaluate the quality of hotels by different criteria. For them a hotel must

Be squeaky clean. So clean that picture frames in rooms must be dust free, bulbs sparkling clean, and all nooks and crannies thoroughly dusted

Have comfortable mattresses that are not only well maintained, but also free of vermin and other undesirable sings often caused by careless guests

Offer polite, but unobtrusive service in all food and beverage outlets and rooms division, including telephone services.

Chambermaids must be trained to work efficiently and without making noise, severs ever present but “invisible”, front office staff that works diligently and tries to satisfy legitimate demands discreetly and generally fulfills their obligations without showing any signs of disagreement.

All front of the house (foh) employees must be groomed impeccably, constantly smiling ad ready to help when required

City and business hotels must offer free IT and bottled water in every room. Of late, even resort hotels feel obliged to offer free IT, pending on prices they charge and according to their level of quality category.

Business hotels must focus on the needs of travellers and make available amenities that make their life easier on business people, i.e well equipped business centre, transportation facilities, resourceful concierge service, telephones in washrooms, 24 hour room service, several restaurants with different foods and level of service.

Well-managed hotels must have a presence on travel websites like, or trip advisor, or similar, poplar venues.

All good hotels maintain well designed, east to navigate websites that are updated as required, and all inquiries answered instantly, or at least daily.

All branded hotels maintain a presence on social media (Twitter, Facebook etc_ offer exercise facilities, spas, 24/7 swimming pools, some even offer packaged for pets including services to walk dogs, specially designed sleeping corners, “designer menus” for pets, and even washrooms.

Well managed hotels invariably employ perceptive and service-minded front office employees and empower them to go beyond the call of duty to satisfy a guest, by asking what type of room is desired, upgrades when possible, if a guest with a reservation must be “walked” to make a every effort to accommodate her/him i.e transportation, equivalent or better room, after to honour the reservation the following day with am upgrade and a fruit basket in

the room when the guest returns. Experienced guests know that front office employees possess a lot of discretionary decision power. They are empowered to upgrade a reservation, arrange for extra care, quick service, and additional amenities.

Guests appreciate attentive chambermaids, and tip ($ 3.00 to $ 4.00) daily and more in luxury hotels.

Well managed hotels offer concierge service that is well connected to decision makers in city sports venues, the opera of the city, or philharmonic venue, airlines, sightseeing companies, department stores, restaurants, nightclubs, and other establishments serving tourists or businessmen.

A well connected concierge can “magically” obtain a ticket for a fully booked event, or make a reservation in a popular restaurant at the time slot you want, get a seat on a fully booked flight, or even arrange for a surprise party in your room to celebrate a birthday or engagement.

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