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It all begins with food

Healthy lives start with nutritious and well-composed meals.

The author and founder of Love Child Organics conceived this book with the idea to raise children feeding them correctly, which will lay the foundation to live a long and healthy life.

It is unfortunate that many modern mothers raise their offspring’s with formula.

The book is written clearly based on personal experiences and recommends staying away from GMO (genetically modified foods), but to use organic foods whenever possible.

The information on organic foods is exhaustive, and provides further sources for more detailed knowledge.

The photography of It All Begins with Food is simply phenomenal.

Although the objective of this book is to inform young mothers, the information it contains applies to all ages and people of all walks of life.

The charts with reference to purees and mash, fruits, protein sources, grains, vegetables help immensely in designing menus for shopping and the entire week.

All recipes are relatively easy and quick to prepare, and above all colourful and appetizing.

You children will love them, and will continue to love them all their lives.

Leah Garrad-Cole deserves to be congratulated for creating a phenomenal book to raise children who embrace sustainable, organic food production, preparations and enjoyment.

Highly recommended.

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