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Italian Wine Tasting – Toronto 2017

Italian Wine Tasting
Italian Wine Tasting

Italy boasts a huge wine production, and wine exports contribute significantly to the GDP (Gross Domestic Product), elevating living standards.

The Italian government organizes, through its Canadian Trade Commission offices in Vancouver, Toronto, Calgary, Toronto, and Montreal popular annual Italian wine tastings.

The trade, wine writers and public, enthusiastically support these events, to both learn about Italian wine and taste them virtually from every province except Val d’Aosta and Molise, both of which produce relatively small amounts that are consumed by locals and tourists.

This year for the first time, two wineries from Liguria presented their wines.

106 wineries participated in 2017 Italian wine tasting in Toronto with more than 500 wines. Some wineries decided not to participate in Vancouver, or Calgary.

There are simply too many to taste, and around mid-period of the tasting too many people were jostling to access tables, particularly those of more recognized wineries.

I started tasting at 11.30 , and after tasting approximately 100 wines, decided to stop.

White wines

Greco, 2016, Vigne Sante, Campania

Falanghina Seneto, 2016, La Gurdieri, Campania

Red wines

Pignolo, 2016, Ermacore, Friuli

Maremma, 2014, Poggio del Guardiana, Tuscany
(Will be offered by Vintages March 2018. Estimated price $ 20.00)

Brunello di Montalcino, 2012, Luce, Tuscany
(Will be offered by Vintages in 2018 April. Approximate price
$ 120.00)

Barolo Cannubi, 2012, G. Borgogno, Piedmont

Santa Cecilia, 2013, Planeta, Sicily

Il Morgan Chianti Classico Gran Selezione, 2011, Il Molino di Grace, Tuscany
(Will be offered by Vintages in March 2018. Price $ 44.95)

Chianti Classico Gran Selezione Cellole, 2013, San Felice Calcinaia, Tuscany
$ 44.00

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