When wine enthusiasts travel, hey constantly look for products unavailable at home.

There are more than 250 000 brands, and no wine store, however big, can offer more than a few hundreds.

The inventory and costs carrying a large number of brands runs into thousands of dollars monthly.

Transporting wine presents its own problems. Bottles are heavy, and the danger of breakage is high. Many travellers regret their decision to take home a few bottles. If you pack the bottles in your luggage, you increase the weight, but more importantly, chances of breaking the precious cargo increases! Occasionally baggage handlers manage to filch a bottle or two from checked-in luggage.

Airline baggage handlers are notorious for their rough handling of luggage.

If you decide to put the bottles in your carry on, the inconvenience and weight may represent major cost problems.

An entrepreneur who loves wine created the JetBag, which allows you to carry a reasonable number of bottles without having to worry about any of the problems described above.

The JetBag is designed with safety in mind, is sturdy, and can be reused. The bag itself is made of thick plastic and lined with two pads to provide even more effective protection.

The inventor subjected the JetBag to vigorous tests to test its protective qualities.

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