This beautiful and mountainous region of France, located between western Switzerland and Burgundy, produces distinctive, and unusual wines; the most famous being vin jeaune (yellow wine). It made using exclusively Savagnin grapes. Chardonnay, aka Melon d’Arbois, and Trousseau are the other popular white grapes of the region.

Vin jeaune is the unique wine of Jura, and when produced, reacts to barrel aging much like sherry by creating a veil on its surface to prevent oxidation. One litre of wine yields 620 ml after aging, and vin jeaune bottles traditionally contain this amount.

For red wines, growers plant Pinot Noir, and Poulsard. Winemakers blend Pinot Noir into Poulsard to darken it.

Jura is the smallest appellation d’origine region of France with 1600 hectares majority of the vineyards are located between 250 – 400 metres above sea level. The soil is mostly clay on flatlands and more limestone on high altitudes.

Arbois, Château Chalon, Cremant de Jura, Cotes de Jura, L’Etoile and MacVin du Jura are the appellations of Jura.

Château Chalon is the most famous vin jeaune appellation. The wine smells of turmeric, walnuts, or ginger, and sometimes honey with rancio undertones.

Henri-Maire is the largest winery, followed by F. Lorent, Jean Boudry, Domain Berthet-Boudet, Tissot, Chateau Bethanie and Gaspard Feuillet.

Domaine Jean Boudry was established sometime between 1475 – and 1500, and is considered to be one of oldest winemaking facilities in the region. The original home of the founding family still inhabits it.

The winery has 10 hectares in the heart of Jura i.e Cotes du Jura and Chateau Chalon, using biodynamic practices as tradition dictates.

The vineyards still contain grape vareties like Gamay blanc, Sauvignonasse, Petit Beclan, Corbeau, Savagnin rose, Enfarine, Maldoux, and Ciaguien which most toehrs fond’t.

Fortifying grape juice by distillate produces Macvin du Jura. Macvin contains approximately 16 ABV.

Creamnt du Jura is a light sparkling wine with fine perlage and is made using the charmat method.

Galant des Abbesses is prepared according to the recipe of the Lady Abbess of Chateau Chalon, using 25 different spices. The wine is heated, then fortified with France Comte marc, barrel aged fro five eyars. You can enjoy it as an aperitif, or pour over ripe cantaloupe melon pieces, or vanilla ice cream after marinating it with raisins. You can also poach pears in it.
Jura wines, particularly vin ejaune age well.

A 1957 vitnage tasted in 2011 sme3lld of spices and raisins. In the mouth it was smooth and deeply flavoured, finishing with a long and pleasant aftertaste.

Jean Boudry is represented in Ontario by MCO Agencies.
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