Kale – An Underrated Vegetable.


Kale, rich in beta carotene, vitamin K and C, lutein, and calcium, was ( until the Middle Ages)the most popular green vegetable in Europe.

Russian traders introduced kale in the U S A and Canada in the 19th century.

Kale is a dark green, rough-skinned leaf that becomes sweet, oncve exposed to frost!

There are several cultivars – curly leafed, plain leafed, rape kale, leaf and spear, Jersey kale, and cavolo nero.

Kale grows I Canada, the U S A, China, Taiwan, Vietnam, Germany, Japan, Ireland, the Netherlands and in many African countries.

The leaves can be deep fried, salted and eaten as snacks, or while enjoying a glass of beer or a cocktail, in soups as vegetable or stewed.

Chopped kale freezes well.

Caldo verde, a Portuguese soup, uses kale and potato in a roux-based soup, but kale in northern Germany, particularly around Bremen is used in kohl und pinkel, or served with Kasseler rippchen or with mettwurst.

Some ornamental varieties are very appealing (with white centre or pick outer leaves) and are planted in gardens.

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