Kangaroo Meat.

Kangaroo MeatKangaroo Meat

Kangaroo meat has sustained the aboriginal peoples of Australia for millennia. Western nations find kangaroo cuddly and lovely but their sheer numbers and destructive behaviour drives Australian farmers to the brink of exasperation. They shoot them and cook the meat.

Beef, popular today with most Australians, is not indigenous to Australia, and was introduced by the early settlers. Veal, pork, and poultry are quite popular, but much less than in North America. Fish and all kinds of crustaceans and bi-valves are very popular proetei sources.

Wild kangaroo meat is widely available in butcher shops, but not in grocery stores. The kangaroo represents a nuisance to Australian farmers since it damages many a crop and causes millions of dollars worth of losses. Territorial governments try to control the population by culling, but most campaigns remain unsuccessful due to huge numbers.

Kangaroo meat is dark cherry red, and very lean with a fine muscle structure. Due to its leanness it is must be quickly sautéed, enriched with sauces and served immediately.

Overcooking results in tough and chewy meat.

Generally loin is used for sautéing, the remainder of the carcass is ground and used for hamburgers

Kangaroo meat

possesses a slightly sweet taste, similar to that of horsemeat, with a light flavour and fine texture.

The Australians interviewed for this article stated that they order kangaroo meat when dining out and rarely attempt to cook at home due to expertise required for its preparation. Ground kangaroo is often used for hamburger since Australians seem to have a love affair with their BBQ.

The finely julienne cut loin of kangaroo sautéed with green and red peppers in a brown sauce had all the characteristics described above and was moist enough to enjoy with oriental noodles.

Although Europeans have been enjoying kangaroo meat for 30 years now, North Americans never showed an interest to partake. This will change soon, at least in Toronto. If you love to eat meat and shop in high-end grocery stores with meat counters, watch for their news. You will not be disappointed.

Kangaroo meat