Keukenhof Park In Lisse – World’s Tulip Capital

Keukenhof Park
Keukenhof Park

Every year at the end of March, millions of tourists flock to Lisse’s Keukenhof Park that features six million tulips, narcissus, daffodils, hyacinths and other flower bulbs, on 25 hectares of land. (Vatican City contains 44 hectares).

Tulips were fist grown in the Ottoman Empire, later imported to the Netherlands where thousands of other colourful varieties was created. The Keukenhof Park in bloom is a riot of colours, and heaven to amateur and professional photographers. Ten successive flower exhibits, flower arrangements, and painting groupings enrich the offerings of the park.

Keukenhof Park is only a few kilometres from the Schiphol (Amsterdam’s international airport), and 10 km. from the largest city of the country (Amsterdam). You can buy a return bus or train return ticket in Amsterdam that includes admission to the park. Keukenhof restaurants and coffees hops offer all types of fast and standard fare, at reasonable prices.

If you happen to be in Amsterdam at the end of March, take advantage of the opportunity to visit Keukenhof. It is well worth to spend a day in this “flower paradise”.

Tulip bulbs represent an important export commodity in the economy of the Netherlands.

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