Las Vegas.

Las VegasLas Vegas

Who would have thought only 50 years ago that 35 million dollars and more would be spend to build galleries in Las Vegas, where famous paintings from the Hermitage in St. Petersburg and Guggenheim are housed, all to attract art lovers?

Markets change and hotel managers must change along with shifts. When gamblers started spending less, Las Vegas responded by promoting conventions and incentive junkets. Truly, the range of hotels, restaurants, and accommodations in Las Vegas can cater to any type of convention with little effort.

Now that gambling in the U. S. A. and even in Canada has become a growth industry (you can gamble in almost 50 states and all provinces), hotel owners  in Las Vegas must create new markets to keep their rooms occupied.

The Venetian, a large theme hotel, replicating Venice, on the “Strip” in Las Vegas decided to break new ground by inviting the Hermitage in St. Petersburg, Russia, and Guggenheim in New York to showcase paintings of Picasso, Modigliani, Matisse, Renoir, Monet, Cezanne, Gaugin, Delauney and Rousseau.

Art exhibitions are designed to serve several purposes besides bringing art lovers to hotels; help upkeep crumbling Hermitage buildings, acquire paintings for Guggenheim, and generate interest in art in the U. S. A.

The state of Nevada is essentially a desert with very few natural resources. Always hot and inhospitable, the government had to struggle to create employment to stay afloat and in 1869 it was decided to legalize gambling. This was a first in the U.S.A. and was fought vigorously by the Women’s Civic League and Anti Gambling League. Both have successfully lobbied the government and managed to shut down the fledgling industry from 1910 to 1931. If it was not for the Depression the ban may have lasted until now.

At 750 metres above sea level, Las Vegas can be pleasant in winter, but during summer, temperatures can climb to 40 C and above.

Since 1931, Las Vegas grew to become a city of 1.9 million with major industries – tourism, government (air force), education, and warehousing and light technology.

Today Nevada enjoys the lowest taxes of any state in the U. S. A. mainly due to government’s share of gambling proceeds.

In Las Vegas

you experience exactly what you are looking for. There is sightseeing both in the city, and close by. The university of Nevada in Las Vegas offers an architecture second to none, hotels are lavish, well-managed and offer value, restaurant can compete with the best in the U. S. A. and convention facilities are designed to   cater for up to 15 000 delegates.

Las Vegas

often called Sin City, and the entertainment capital of the world, is now on the way to becoming a major destination for art lovers. Hermitage and Guggenheim galleries are only the beginning more will certainly follow. Las Vegas has many faces and visitor can decide to experience whatever he-she wants, be it gambling, enjoying gastronomy, or art.

Take your pick!

Las Vegas

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