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Thank you for being late

T.L. Friedman wrote yet another illuminating, well-researched book worth studying, thinking about and discussing with your friends and family.

The narrative is well supported with charts and graphs, explaining how fast technological changes are occurring and affecting our lives.

This is a great update on technological evolution that diagnoses the beginning of it all and suggests strategies to adapt.

There is no escape!

The in-depth research is backed by well-chosen interviews with people in leading positions all over the world.

Along with technological unprecedented advances, the climate change is rapidly changing living conditions in poor African countries. An interviewee suggests, maybe half-seriously, that encouraging families to grow chickens that require little food, and even less care can alleviate hunger pangs.

“Mother nature” is changing, writes Friedman, as carbon levels rise and species go extinct with compounding results, and he suggests remedies.

One hopes politicians everywhere will have enough foresight to implement at least some of his suggestions.

He is very good at ”translating” lingo into plain clear English for everyone to understand the repercussions incessant pollution all industrialized countries are responsible for, including China, India, the U S A, Russia, Germany, and France. Canada’s contribution is relatively small, but decisive prevention is still required

The final chapters about his home neighbourhood in Minnesota and how it changed over time concludes the book by pointing out that after everything is said and done, by being co-operative, can help to make life more tolerable, and maybe even enjoyable and prosperous.

Highly recommended.


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