Le Pierre – The French Dining Room of the Mandarian Hotel in Hong-Kong.

Le PierreLe Pierre

Hong—Kong’s reputation as a city with all kinds of ethnic restaurants is unsurpassed. Whatever cuisine you wish to experience, you can find, but French cuisine enjoys the highest esteem.

Downtown Hong-Kong teems with restaurants, but unlike in Europe and North America, hotel dining rooms compete successfully with their freestanding competitors.

Le Pierre”, planned and managed by French chef Pierre Gagnaire, located in the mandarin, reflects the opulence of the hotel and offers an outstanding vie of Honk-Kong. Absolutely everything is thoroughly thought-out and planned, right down to the height of tables and matching chairs to provide for comfortable eating.

There is a strictly enforced dress code regulation (rare in Hong Kong hotels).

The restaurant serves lunch and dinner with different but overlapping menus.

The lunch menu offers, among other things, duck liver foie gras, glazed with pigeon fillets, followed by breaded veal cutlet with capers, lemon and button mushroom cake infused with herbs for main courses.

For dinner, you can start with four types of caviar (two Oschetere from Russia), and follow up with pan-seared Charolais beef tenderloin with tomato concasse, rocket salad mousse, crispy potatoes and shallots, and finish with orange and aged white balsamic vinegar panna cotta.

Other offerings in both (lunch and dinner) means are equally enticing, but the most memorable may be the dessert menu. Needless to say, the wine list is extensive, very well chosen and predominantly French.

At Le Pierre service reigns supreme from taking your reservation to selecting the table, and taking the order is exemplary. It is formal and relatively slow, because everything is prepared a la minute, but for those who care about proper service, I might say it is unmatched.

The quality and presentation are extraordinary. Absolutely everything, from cooking, service, comfort and environment, is flawless.

Highly recommended to those who enjoy leisurely meals, can afford and appreciate a fine dining experience.

Le Pierre

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