Learning Your Way in Spain: Tips and Reminders When Visiting Spain.

Are you planning to spend either your summer or holiday season in Spain? Are you ready to face the possibility of having to learn the Spanish language and culture in case you get lost in the big, busy city of Madrid?

A Closer Look at Spain

Spain is one of the most popular destinations for many tourists because of the number of attractions that you can visit. If you are a devout Roman Catholic, you will surely enjoy the many historical churches and castles around the country. If you have a big enough budget, you could also go visit Portugal and France since they are both just around the corner.

Things to Remember When in Spain

As a tourist, it is important to adapt to the culture of the country or region you are visiting. It is not just a sign of respect; it will also make your life easy while having a vacation in that specific country. Here are a couple of things that you should do and remember when in Spain:

  • Protect Yourself from the Sun: Yes, Spain can become extremely hot during the summer time. If you are visiting Spain during the summer, do not forget to bring your sunglasses, umbrellas, and sunscreen. It is also advisable to wear long and light outfits, not only to protect yourself from the heat, but also to feel refreshed. This will also ensure that you can enter any church you want to visit.
  • Alive All the Time: If you are going to take shelter in the rural areas of Spain, then prepare to hear the girls giggling, children running around, and men talking through the night. Yes, the place is noisy, and you might not get enough sleep when you are in Spain if you are a light sleeper. But, then again, why would you want to sleep when there is so much to see and enjoy in Spain?
  • The Tapas: If you want to get your tapas in Spain, you need to be assertive. Most customers would either say “Perdone” while raising their arms or “dos tintos, por favor” when ordering. These simple Spanish phrases will undoubtedly get the attention of the local bartender. To get your tapas, be assertive, but don’t forget to be polite. Don’t forget to say “please” and “thank you.”


  • Siesta: If you didn’t get your sleep at night, you’ll have your most deserved sleep from 2-5 p.m. when most Spanish people sleep for what they call siesta. Not all institutions, however, are closed during this period.
  • Money: If you run out of cash, you can use the ATM to get more Euros. You can see these machines almost anywhere, although you have to make sure that your bank works with the ATMs in Spain.

Another valuable tip for when you are visiting during any Spain Holidays is to check out the transportation system. If there is anything that is confusing in Spain, it’s their transportation system. Lastly, just enjoy your vacation.


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